[NetworkManager] Managed networks -- disable wifi when eth on


I just wonder if it is possible to automaticly disable WiFI if eth0 is plugged ?
The only workaround is to uncheck the option “automaticly connect with priority”.

When at house I would like to disable the WiFI and work on the eth router only.

Change the metric value for the ethernet?

Thank you !!
I will try… I was believing “metrics” where just needed for statistical purposes or QoS…

See https://people.freedesktop.org/~lkundrak/nm-docs/nm-settings.html

By default NetworkManager already assigns better metric to wired interface,


It took long time – too much work to do ^^ – I tested different settings.
It seems that the metrics works enough… when connected to eth0 I got both interfaces set…

I don’t know if NetworkManager features a way to set off one interface when the other is connected… automaticaly.

As others have already mentioned, the gateway metric should be enough here. If you really want to disable it when the ethernet interface is active, you can use NM dispatcher script to undertake the necessary…