NetworkManager issues on openSUSE 11.0RC1


I’m using openSUSE 11.0 RC1 (with KDE3) and NetworkManager to connect at my home wireless router.

The issues I have with the NetworkManager are:

  1. It has 3 icons in system tray, but I saw that this is already “fixed”.

  2. It is not connecting automatically at my network, although I have saved the connection and selected to do so.

  3. The second issue may be the cause of the first.
    My setup: I have saved a WPA encrypted connection. The passphrase is about 20 characters long 0-9 & A-F characters (like a hexa number).
    The issue: When I want to look at the saved connection, and maybe modify it, it appears another thing in place of my passphrase, much longer. It seems like a conversion, I don’t know.

I will try to post some logs and examples when I get home today.


i know its hardly constructive…but, ifup anyone?

I found things much more stable and reliable using ifup only.

I’ll have another crack at network manager with final release. Until then…ifup

I posted a bug report on defaultroute randomly getting deleted when using networkmanager and saw MANY other bug reports about networkmanager…went back to the ifup scripts and everything was fine.

I would like to know what people are using to connect to AP’s if NOT using networkmanager and using KDE4.

I had the same issues but after downloading all patches / upgrades
the prob was resolved.

The issue is that NetworkManager (At least the KNetworkManager) is not scanning the YaST Configurations.

You’d have to clear your configurations in there and set it up with KNetworkManager for the Wireless to show up correctly, and it will always pick up the Enternet as being the default gold globe, BUT it will connect.

I opened a bug a week or 2 ago and they said they will fix via online updates (my hope was prior to the release, but that doesn’t seem likely).

and there in lay a problem of sorts. Networking settings in 10.3 and earlier had conflicts between Yast and KDE apps. You could set in one and the other would railroad your settings.
it seems the dance may continue.