NetworkManager issue with openSUSE 11.1

I’ve just removed my 10.3 installation from my laptop and replaced it with a 11.1 installation.

When running under NetworkManager the wireless doesn’t work. The applet reports “Device: wlan0, State: Disconnected” when I hover over the applet. When I open the applet the wlan0 section shows my network name and a good signal strength.

iwconfig shows a good connection although a very slow speed (2 Mb/s) even though I’m next to the wireless router.

/var/log/messages shows “wlan0: disassociating by local choice (reason=3)”.

The led shows the wireless card running. However the router doesn’t show a connection.

When I disable NetworkManager in Yast the wireless network works fine (Bit rate 54 Mb/s according to iwconfig).

I’m using an Acer 5021WLMI with 64 bit openSUSE 11.1. This uses the Broadcom bcw43 card. I’m not using ndiswrapper.

Any help appreciated as I#d like to get NetworkManager working.

Many Thanks,