NetworkManager is not running

Dear all,
I would be appreciated if you help me to activate my NetworkManager.

My laptop can detect wireless network, I set the net work correctly.
I am using KDE openSUSE11.1

it was work without any problems before the format

any Idea???

Morad k.Hamad

I am really confused about your question. OR maybe its not clear to me.
You said, it was working before and after format?, format mean?
It can detect wireless networks.
So i am wondering what is the problem now?

am sorry for confusing…
I mean my laptop can detect a wireless network but i can’t brows the Internet because the NetworkManager does not running.
I was install openSUSE11.1 before and connect to Internet using wireless, but when i reinstall it (formating the hard driver) i cant connect to Internet.
could you please tell my can i run the NetworkManager?

Welcome to the forums, Morad.

If I understand well, you ran 11.1 with a working Networkmanager, then you reinstalled on a clean reformatted drive ( why??? ), and the Networkmanager does not run.

Check this: Yast - Network - Network settings. In the General tab, you have the choice between Networkmanager and Traditional method. Is this set to use the networkmanager? If not, change settings, reboot and tell us if Networkmanager is running now.

Please also give us more info on:
which desktop? KDE4 / Gnome / Other?
32/64 bit ?

Thank you alot…
I follow your advice and its work correctly now
I used KDE4 -64bit