NetworkManager - g_option_context_new

A couple of days ago I’ve installed some auto-updates to my initially 11.1 SUSE including some Firefox ones and together with some gcc stuff. After that (I suppose that after…:slight_smile: my NetworkManager is always “not running”.

In YaST the network is set to be managed by NetworkManager, that’s OK.

Running both the /etc/init.d/network start and /usr/sbin/NetworkManager returns the same result:
NetworkManager: undefined symbol: g_option_context_new

  • exit status 127.

Forgive me if I repeat the similar thread (if any) - I just could’n find anything corresponding to my particular problem.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Try to reinstall or update libgtk.

Reinstalled, but that didn’t help.
Firefox doesn’t start at all (Konqueror does).
NetMngr - same error.
Any other ideas?