NetworkManager fail?

I have an Atheros ar5007eg wireless card, and I haven’t had problems with this card in GNOME. However, when I made the switch to KDE recently, I can’t connect to any wireless networks. A wired connection works fine (that’s how I’m writing this), but when I try to connect to any wireless network, it hangs at Acquiring IP Address, then asks me for my WEP key again, I enter it, and the process starts over. I tried using WICD, but I’m not sure if I set it up properly. Any suggestions on what I should do next? (I am a bit of a n00b to Linux, so talk to me like I know nothing, just in case :P)

I figured it out. I feel like a complete moron now :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone that wants to know, I was using the wrong WEP key type. I should have been using the Hex or Ascii key, not the passphrase one. Regardless, I now have no complaints with KDE.

Good, and thanks for the feedback.