NetworkManager dropping connection

I’ve just installed opensuse 11.0 on my notebook and I have a lot of troubles with my wifi connection. The card is dlink gwl-g630, revision C2, atheros-based.

First it refused to work with the default ath5k driver. It was detected, but the NetworkManager failed to use it. After googling a lot I decided to install madwifi and it helped.

The NM can now see the card and connect to the AP. It does work for a while, but occasionally (mostly in a few hours) drops the connection without any visible reason. I can use the notebook or just leave it - the connection is lost. It’s not related to power-management (which works fine, BTW), since I turned it off and the notebook is not suspended or hibernated. No traces of any problems in the logs. And I can not bring the interface up using ifup while NM is used. The interface itself is still available but not connected. I have to reboot to get it working.

Ok, I turned the NM off and set up my wifi to use ifup method. I did not have a chance to check if the connection is dropped with this method, but got another problem: it does not want to connect at boot. I checked all the settings in yast many times, I tried both on-boot and hotplug options - nothing helps. The configuration files look fine but not the connection.

The only solution I’ve found was to call ifup from boot.local, but this is definitely just a workaround.

I hope this will be fixed some time. I would prefer to use NM to see the state of my connection, now I can not do this.

BTW, there are other annoying things about NM: I could not configure it not to ask for the keyring password at startup (a well-known problem) and I did not like those popup messages about connection lost/established (another known problem).

Network Manager works for some and not well enough for others. Have a look at Wicd as an alternative.

You can get it from this repo:

Index of /repositories/home:/lnussel:/wicd/openSUSE_11.0

I suspect a madwifi problem rather than a network manager problem. Madwifi is buggy, so convoluted that madwifi development is essentially halted in favor of the ath5k/ath9k drivers.

I have a similar problem with suse 11 without using the network manager. There were problems with the ath5k driver that shipped with suse 11. With madwifi, occasionally the wireless connection just drops. Usually it comes back after awhile (~10 min). Under madwifi and suse 10.3 the wireless connection is stable.

My best suggestion is to wait a week for the release of suse 11.1 and try the updated ath5k driver.