Networkmanager doesn't start

Hello. I’m using Open Suse 10.1 + networkmanager + wifi for networking. At the begining I was use ndiswrapper to configure my wifi card (Planet WL-8310 on PCI with Atheros chipset) and everything was fine, but later I installed new version of Madwifi drivers and It was not work correctly. I could log in to the wifi network but after few seconds or during heavy transfer, connection was hangup. So I decided to uninstall Madwifi and to install again ndiswrapper. I did that and now I have problem, because my network manager is not autostarting during system boot. I need to use every time Yast->Network Devices->Network card to run Networkmanager. In other cases KNetwork Manager showing that: “Network Manager is not started”. Is somebody here able to help me? How to fix the problem and how to tell Suse to start Networkmanager automatically during boot? I cannot do that using Yast. Thanks in advance for any help to fix that problem.