NetworkManager doesn't recognize connections / interfaces


this morning I updated Tumbleweed on my laptop (Lenovo T450) to version 20230119, and now NetworkManager doesn’t recognize any of the available interfaces, i.e. it tells me that there are “no available connections” if I click on the tray icon.

If I open the config dialog all previously configured connections are there, but for some reason neither the wireless nor the ethernet interface seem to be recognized.

Neither dmesg nor the system journal are showing any hints as to what might be the problem (i.e. there are no error messages related to networking hardware), and everything works in the Windows installation I am still keeping on the machine.

Does anyone have any hints where I could look next for what has changed in the 20230119 version that might lead to this kind of problem?

Many thanks in advance!


Show full output of

nmcli general status | cat
nmcli connection show | cat
nmcli device show | cat

Thanks for your reply. As I am writing from another device pasting the full output of nmcli here would involve usb-sticks and stuff, so maybe it will suffice if I say that

nmcli general status

says “Stage: disconnected / Connectivity: unknown / Wifi-Hw: missing”

nmcli connection show

lists my previously configured connections (5 wifi, 1 ethernet)

nmcli device show

only shows the loopback device.

In other words, NetworkManager doesn’t seem find any devices?!

Could this in fact be a kernel issue? This would come as a bit of a surprise to me because I always thought older Thinkpads were as commonplace as you could get hardware-wise. So maybe I’ll reboot once again and try an older kernel…


nmcli radio wifi on

if it does not bring WiFi back, post full journalctl -b output as root (you may consider rebooting to minimize the size of output). Better upload to, it will be large. And outpiut of lspci -nnk to see your devices (I assume it is PCI, not USB).

Oh, and does your notebook have any hardware button/switch to disable WiFi? It was pretty common on my very old Dell XPS 13, it had slider that I routinely moved when picking up notebook.

It seems to be a kernel problem after all: after rebooting and selecting the previous kernel version ( networking is working again, so I’ll just keep using the older kernel for the moment and see if the next update will fix the issue for me.

Sorry for bothering you with this question - I should have thought of this myself before posting here.

Many thanks,


If you have not already done so, then a bug report would be appropriate. That’s how the kernel team learns of problems.

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