networkmanager doesn't recognize bluetooth modems

I remember that I was able to connect via bluetooth with my nokia, then networkmanager was able to recognize my phone as broadband modem and I was able to estabilish a broadband connection, why now isn’t possible?? networkmanager after bluetooth pairing doesn’t show any broadband connection
opensuse 11.4 kde 4.3.6

If you have the disk space, then install LXDE. That uses the gnome networkmanager applet. I think it starts automatically in LXDE, but if not, then use the command “nm-applet” at a command line.

If it works in LXDE, then the next step would be to start running the gnome applet in KDE. If it doesn’t work in LXDE, then you have at least narrowed down the source of the problem for a bug report.

By the way, I assume you are really using KDE 4.6.3 (not 4.3.6).

:slight_smile: yes, I’m using 4.6.3 :slight_smile:
I installed LXDE, I connect my bluetooth phone (I’m using blueman 1.21), a popup advise me that a DUN connection on nokia will be available in networkmanager, but, but, nothing happen and no broadband connection (already setup) appear on networkmanager (applet networkmanager 0.8.2). other hints??

Right click on the network manager icon in the tray (using LXDE). Select “edit connections”. There’s a tab there for mobile connections.

I don’t have any personal experience with trying that. But perhaps there’s something you can work out if you try it. You would probably need to use the ADD button.

Do you have datacable of that Nokia phone?if you have it will be quit simple.i think your phone is not come with a can buy a datacable in Nokia carecentre.

Yes, already done, I edited and setup two broadband connections, but nothing appear when I connect bluetooth modem

No in this moment I don’t have a data cable, I’ll found one and I 'll try, but the poin is that I want to connect by bluetooth not by cable, but, I perfectly remember that I was able to connect with my nokia and bluetooth before, now with LXDE and KDE I tried with another usb pen modem, it recognize the modem and allow to connect with broadband.

well, I found an usb cable, I connected to my phone and networkmanager recognize my phone and allowed me to go in internet painlessly.
I found this other thread which send here I’m trying to have it working, for now it doesn’t.
But I don’t want to navigate via usb cable, I like better bluetooth.
I would like to issue a bug becouse this is a HUGE regression, but I dont know if it is a bluetooth bug or a networkmanager bug,

:’( Unfortunately I am too facing same situation. OpenSuse 11.4 is not detecting my Sony Ericsson as Internet modem, while Ubuntu does easily. Why OpenSuse community not solving this. When at last ??? . this is important feature. However I am using Ubuntu in pen drive , if i need to use 3g bluetooth Internet than i will boot ubuntu.