NetworkManager doesn't find wifi system-settings


I am using openSUSE 11.4 x86 with KDE on my Netbook. But I also have installed other desktops like icewm and lxde. But I want to have Internet access on those I have to use Gnome’s NetworkManager. So I researched a bit and found out that NetworkManager is also available in the command line. The next thing I found out was that ‘nmcli’ cannot create system settings to connect, so I copied the one from my user account /home/user/.kde4/share/apps/networkmanagement/connections/<connection> to /etc/NetworkManager/system-settings.
But still, ‘nmcli con’ doesn’t show my network.

Is there a way to get this working? I mean, this should solve the NetworkManager tries to connect for 30 seconds while booting, shouldn’t it?



Why use the cli. You should be able to use nm-applet on all desktops

Because somtimes I use the terminal without using X, because I don’t want NetworkManager to timeout every boot, because I don’t have NetworkManager-gnome (which contains nm-applet) installed.

I found nmcli confusing. In any case, it communicates with the gnome network manager applet and not with the KDE applet.

Your best bet is to run the gnome applet in KDE for greater consistency between the various environments.

Here’s an earlier thread on running the gnome applet under KDE: Gave up Knetworkmanager. Made Networkmanager-GNOME work on KDE4!

Subsequent experience shows me that it is not necessary to uninstall the KDE applet. You can simply set it to never start with both:
“Startup and Shutdown” → “Service Manager”
and in the tray settings.

The one important step seems to be to switch GTK Styles and Fonts to something other than oxygen-gtk (which the gnome applet doesn’t like).

Thanks for the suggestion. It may solve my nmcli problem since NetworkManager-gnome is able to create system-wide configuration, that means it creates files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-settings/. I hope newer versions of the NetworkManager plasmoid will be able to do so.


That looks likely to happen.

In 12.1 Beta1, Gnome and KDE share the same network definitions, which are all located in “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections”.