networkmanager crashes with wlan0 and eth0

So, I was setting up my new wireless router via eth0 which was and still is working. But, when I tried to use wlan0 networkmanager uses eth0. That I can understand; two nics on a same network can confuse the route tables and such. But, after disconnecting eth0 my wireless doesn’t work; for the new wireless network and and old networks. The wlan0 interface does register in knetworkmanager; but does nothing. With out eth0 the icon just stays at the grayed out globe.

I recently just wiped my box clean after that. (Had to repartition due to too small of a /srv partition.) I just want to know what to do or look for the next time it happens. Yeah, apparently the “Windows Fix” of rebooting and/or reinstalling the program didn’t work either.


yeah… kde4 network manager still acting up…