Networkmanager crashes always - OS 12.1

Hello everybody,

I have some trouble with my networkmanager using opensuse 12.1 KDE. Yesterday I updated via “zypper update” and since that the networkmanager doesn’t restart anymore. When I try to start it manually via the console it crashes immediately. Unfortunately I haven’t made a system backup.
I am a newbie to opensuse and don’t know, how to get the internet work again on the involved laptop. I would be very thankful for any help!

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Hi, welcome here.

How are you trying to start the networkmanager?
On the right of the systemtray is a triangle, if you click it, do you see the networkmanager there?
Please post output of

ip addr 

between CODE tags

Hi Knurpht,

thanks for your help!
I started the networkmanager using the console:

/usr/*sbin*/*NetworkManager *

Then I got a black screen for a second and after that an error-message.

After trying the whole day to get the network working, I decided to do a new installation and upgrade to 12.2. I hope the network will work again after that.

Thanks again and best regards,

/usr/sbin/Networkmanager is not what you should start.

To use the networkmanager you have to set the system to use it, and not ifup. Then the networkmanager will appear in the system tray of your desktop. If it doesn’t, go Yast - Network - Networksettings - set it to use networkmanager instead of ifup.