NetworkManager connection permissions

This is a portable KDE desktop used by non-technical office staff at any of three locations.
An administrator logged in and connected to the local wireless hub, then configured the network connection to permit all users (supplying the root password). Thereafter the network connection is maintained whether any or no user is logged in (enabling remote maintenance).

The problem is that after a reboot the first user (if not the administrator is prompted for the wireless password before the network connection is enabled. I do not know what to do to enable a network connection before any user has logged on.

Do I perhaps need to edit the “.nmconnection” file or add a polkit rule? I would appreciate any pointers.

(NetworkManager starts at boot)

Go into network settings from the NetworkManager tray icon.

In the password settings, there is an option on where to save the network key.

The choices are: encrypted; unencrypted in a file; provide the key each time.

Set that to save the key unencrypted in a file. You may be prompted for root password. But once that change is made, it should work the way you expected.

Thanks for a very fast and useful response.