networkmanager causing freeze on resume

i’ve been able to narrow down a freezing issue on my laptop, down to NetworkManager when i have a cifs share mounted in fstab.
removing the cifs mount, or using ‘ifup’ method appears to fix the issue.

the problem is when my laptop resumes from sleep, and when using NetworkManager with cifs share, then i get a 20second freeze when using the launcher while the network sorts itself out. this happens on either wifi or wired connections. this freeze only occurs when using the Launcher for the first time after resume. if i dont use the launcher then everything is fine untill i do (ie: i have network access and desktop shortcuts work fine)

google isnt being that helpful, and while there does seem to be a number of issues surrounding NetworkManager, none seem to cover my specific issue.

does anyone know a way to fix this issue, or sugest an alternative to using NetworkManager?

You already know the alternative, which is ifup.

What desktop are You using, which openSUSE version ?
What are You using to control NetworkManager ? (knetworkmanager, GNOME nm-applet, plasmoid)
Did You look in NetworkManager logs ? (/var/log/NetworkManager)

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