networkmanager and resolv.conf

Is there a way to tell networkmanager to overwrite always /etc/resolv.conf even if it has been manually changed in a previous session? (now it creates this file: “/etc/resolv.conf.netconfig”)

Is there a way through network manager to write this directive “domain” ( is an example of course) in a specific wired connection? There is the gui field “search”, but what about the “domain” one?
Anyway a workaround is editing “/etc/hosts” properly.

Thanks in advance.

IMHO there is no difference in using




domain can only have one entry and search can have a list.
So why not use that search field?

Thank you Henk, I’ll follow your advice. I though that in case of need searching in more than a domain, the “domain” option was about your own machine and the “search” option about the others. Thanks a lot (I’m really foolish).

You are not foolish. IIRC the domain and search possibilities are coming from different tastes of Unix and they are consolidated into nowadays resolver configurations (at least on Linux), but there still is an overlap. Reading the man resolv.conf page abou them makes is not that easy also. Again IIRC, on AIX they excluded each other, bit this was not in their man page :slight_smile: