NetworkManager 0.9svn1128615-138.2


yesterday I updated my NetworkManager from version 0.9svn1128615-2.2 (/opensuse/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2/i586/) to the newest version 0.9svn1128615-138.2.
The result was, the after reboot an error message occured, saying that the KNetworkmanager is not working and it would be not able to start the program >:(!

Did anybody else have the problem with this newest version?

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P.S.: I had to install the old NetworkManger from the Opensuse 11.2 DVD

I found an other thread in this forum regarding this problem:
dbus errors kde 4.4.4 - openSUSE Forums


This is the todo abstract of what I found on other pages to circumvent the problem with the new version:

Before you install the new version the new version save following file:

Then install the new version.

After reboot it will be mentioned, that the NetworkManager is not working (somethin with dbus…).

Copy the saved NetworkManager-kde4.conf back to the original folder.

Reboot. The Networkmanager will not start automatically, you have to start it manually (e.g. search for the Network manager in the menu).
To ensure that the network manager is shown after the next start, click the box “show symbol in tray” under “others” (the menu points can be different, this is a direct translation of the description of my german menus to english).

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