NetworkManagaer and SSTP connection

I want to use a sstp-type vpn connection. Other connections work OK on the wlan0 device.
I have installed packages plasma-nm5-sstp (version 5.12.8) through Yast, and NetworkManager-sstp (version 1.2.0) as well as sstp-client (version 1.0.11) from openSuSE build service (
Configuration through the NetworkManager icon seems to work OK, but when I try to connect, I get the following in the NetworkManager log file (I have obscured some private information regarding server etc. with text in italics):

NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.4230] audit: op="connection-activate" uuid="*the_uuid*" name="*the_connection*_name" pid=1938 uid=1000 result="success"
NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.4301] vpn-connection[0x55c7c582c360,[i]the_uuid,"*the_connection_name*",0]: Started the VPN service, PID 4649
nm-sstp-service[4649]: (nm-sstp-service org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.sstp.Connection_11
NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.4467] vpn-connection[0x55c7c582c360,[i]the_uuid,"*the_connection_name*",0]: Saw the service appear; activating connection
nm-sstp-service[4649]: pppd started with pid 4652
NetworkManager[1315]: Plugin /usr/lib64/pppd/2.4.7/ loaded.
NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.4629] vpn-connection[0x55c7c582c360,[i]the_uuid,"*the_connection_name*",0]: VPN plugin: state changed: starting (3)
NetworkManager[1315]: Using interface ppp0
NetworkManager[1315]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/4
NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.4694] manager: (ppp0): new Ppp device (/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/12)
NetworkManager[1315]: Modem hangup
NetworkManager[1315]: Connection terminated.
NetworkManager[1315]: <info>  [1570352615.5048] vpn-connection[0x55c7c582c360,[i]the_uuid,"*the_connection_name*",0]: VPN service disappeared
NetworkManager[1315]: Script /usr/sbin/sstpc *the_server_name* --cert-warn --nolaunchpppd   --ipparam nm-sstp-service-4649 --uuid *the_uuid* --ca-cert *the_certificate* finished (pid 4655), status = 0xff

Note, I have configured to store the password. If I configure to request the password everytime, the dialog appears, I can type in the password, but the connection fails in the same way.

Any idea to resolve the problem, or to get additional information for debugging is welcome.
Thank you!

Since am interested in openSUSE support for SSTP,
Took some time to look at this…

First, it looks like there are no components supported by Project communities, practically everything is being provided by individual “home” repositories, so as a starting point it’s not sufficient to just say your installed components are a particular version, you’ll also have to say which repos they’re coming from.

Another thing I’ve found trying to install on my LXQt (which is built on the KDE/Plasma Qt framework) is that at least the packages I installed are built on an old version of Qt, and reverted my entire DE to an appearance harkening back to 42.3 (or earlier). Maybe I should have taken the hint, when I did a “Software search” directly from my LXQt machine, nothing but the KDE Plasma applet was offered, and that didn’t install the SSTP components. I proceeded by running software search on a different machine, and then using its results to install the repos and packages on my LXQt machine.

I also found that the only package anyone likely need to install is the following package which will automatically pull in the other two as dependencies

The result is broken on my machine.
Although Network Manager now has an option to create an SSTP VPN,
There is no VPN tab, instead the default tab is to create a Proxy connection.
Although a Proxy has similarities to an SSTP VPN, they’re not the same.

It doesn’t look like SSTP can be set up on LXQt.
I’ll try to find some time to experiment on a KDE/Plasma when I have time.
I wonder if SSTP can be set up on anything other than KDE/Plasma on openSUSE.
Although support for SSTP is limiited on all Linux, there is a crying need for some kind of official support… I wonder if the projects that support SSTP are large enough for them to support their own builds rather than our relying on individual home repos.


Looks like it won’t work since all the builds fail (1.2.6 version) as not compatible with the new libnm…

   93s] configure: error: Package requirements (libnm-gtk >= 1.2.0) were not met:

   93s] No package 'libnm-gtk' found

See Plugin compatibility note at

Looking at the plasma package… it’s built broken as requires NetworkManager-sstp (which is remmed out)… why ship a broken package???

@OP, I would suggest a bug report?

This is going to take some real effort from somebody to make work (on an RPM system, apparently there are re-compiled 2018 DEB packages available for download).

Out of curiosity,
on an LXQt system,
I just downloaded source and attempted to build…
After a successful build, it again “broke” my DE (making it look like an LXQt years ago)
and no SSTP VPN option in NM.

Looks for anyone who is willing to put in the time…
There is a test connection file which can be activated, then likely troubleshoot the errors thrown.


This was given in the original post, but for completeness and with some additional information here again. Everything is on openSUSE 15.1/KDE.
plasma-nm5-sstp is 5.12.8-lp151.1.1-x86_64 from vendor openSUSE, build time Fr 08 Mär 2019 15:13:37 CET
If only this package is installed, I do find an option to configure an SSTP connection in the NetworkManager, it shows a “VPN(sstp)” tab, but clicking on the connect button (of course, after configuration) does not do anything. The NetworkManager log file showns an error with

reason="The VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.sstp' was not installed."

Then, I added (brand new, see build time!) package
NetworkManager-sstp is from vendor obs://, build time Sa 05 Okt 2019 13:14:26 CEST
When installing this, also package
sstp-client 1.0.11-lp151.4.1-x86_64 from vendor obs://, build time Fr 12 Apr 2019 02:40:04 CEST
got installed, and two further packages were obviously downloaded, but not installed (NetworkManager-sstp-gnome, sstp-client-devel).
With this, clicking on the “connect” button of the VPN(sstp) connection in the NetworkManager applet gives the messages that I originally posted.
I conclude from this behavior that the additionally installed packages provide now the requested service, but some other even makes the connection break down immediately.
A bug report may indeed be warrented to include the NetworkManager-sstp into the standard distribution, I think.
I am going to wait until there is further information from the community in this forum.

Maybe this helps to analyze the situation in more detail?

There is a miss match of packages and libraries, it would appear that the 1.2.0 version is not working as expected (since the libraries are dropped from 15.1), the latest version of NetworkManager-sstp doesn’t build because of the dropped libraries, it needs porting to the libnm libs or gtk support dropping etc (upstream issue)…

Either the plasma applet should drop the support or if providing, then provide the supporting packages. The only way it will get sorted is a bug report, the plasma maintainers should ask the user to push to a development project (in it’s current state unlikely).

I’m not sure that I understand the problem correctly.
Package plasma-nm5-sstp is in the distribution for Leap 15.1. It adds everything necessary to the appplet, but not the actual plugin for sstp. Package NetworkManager-sstp (from build service, home:kill_it) reports a successful build for Leap 15.1, see (
Show home:kill_it / NetworkManager-sstp - openSUSE Build Service. It installs cleanly with Yast 1-click install. There is no message reporting a missing library. So, I would expect it to work. If not, the maintainer of the latter package should be the one to resolve the problem, right?
Of course, also the packages should be distributed together (which would make life a little easier).

I don’t know if Malcolm is seeing the same thing as me,
AFAICT the SSTP-Network Manager plugin is only that… a plugin interfacing piece with no basic functionality.
The parts that provide the functionality are the problem and are broken.
After the functionality is fixed then <maybe> the plugin might need to be modified, maybe not.

When I built from source, it also didn’t throw an error but was obviously broken.



Problem 1: Plasma applet ships a library that requires NetworkManager-sstp and is not in the distribution so will not work if installed, so why ship a broken package that end users (as you have discovered) find won’t work?

Problem 2: Third party provider (kill_it) ships an old version (1.2.0 which is > 2 years old) that builds, sure, but should try the latest 1.2.6 as this may fix your issue.

Problem 3: Going forward the gtk part needs to be dropped/ported as there is no more libnm-gtk-devel. Until this happens it will forever remain as a third party add on that may/may not work.

I reported a bug here:
with reference to the present thread. Now, let’s see what happens.
Thanks for the comments.