Networked Printer Fails after Scanning Succeeds

Running LEAP 42.1 with KDE desktop and using HP Color Laserjet 2840 multi function printer on my local lan .

The printer was set up using Yast and hp-setup method which has given me the recommended postscript driver and had been working well both for openSUSE 13.2 and to date with LEAP 42.1 except that on occasions and for unknown reasons the printer would become “un-enabled.” I would then have to go to Yast and edit the printer and check the enabled box, save and all would be well.

A couple of days ago I had to use the scanner and to do this set up the scanner using Yast. This uses the hpaio driver and once set up I could use the scanner with Skanlite.

Today I need to print and find I can no longer do so. I assumed the device had become un-enabled as described above and this proved to be the case but even if I checked the enable box, on finishing I would get a message that printer was printing to file and the enabled box was unchecked once more.

Can anybody shine any light on this please?

Only one other symptom which seems to be since upgrading to LEAP and may be relevant: When I print, the print window opens beneath other windows rather than on top. Strange and unwanted behaviour. I would like the print window with printer selection and options to open on top of others as always had been the case. Can I change this?


PS. Once I un-installed scanner, printer worked once more.

Hi Budgie

Following a print job, check /var/log/cups/error_log for error messages. You can increase the reporting verbosity first with

sudo cupsctl --debug-logging

then restart CUPS before printing

sudo systemctl restart cups

This changes the ‘LogLevel’ directive to ‘debug’ in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf instead of ‘warn’. It is also possible to set the reporting level to ‘debug2’ (for even more detail) with

sudo cupsctl loglevel=debug2

With the error_log info, we might get a better picture about what the problem might be.

BTW, the CUPS error reporting can be returned to default ‘warn’ level with

sudo cupsctl loglevel-warn


sudo cupsctl --no-debug-logging