Networked HP Laserjet P2055dn

I have got Opensuse working fine but it won’t recognise my printer. It is on my home LAN with its own IP address so its not a share from any other machine. Any ideas how to get Opensuse to find it, please?

  1. Welcome.

  2. As we can not guess this with 100% certainty, which version of openSUSE do you use?

  3. You say “won’t recognise my printer”. But how do you know that? What did you do to check if openSUSE can find it or how did you try to configure it?

Thanks for the reply, I ought to have asked by giving more information.

I have now solved this, though, so sorry to have disturbed.

Nice you found it (it is always good for your self esteem when you find it yourself;) ).