Hey after suse updated my computer it worked alot better but for some reason my only ethernet network card stopped working. uhm it says theres no network card but yast still shows a configured network card that isn’t working.

Yast also shows a non configured network card that I can’t edit or delete. and ifconfig /all says theres no networks
but ifconfig alone shows lo and works fine.

ifup says theres no network card I didn’t try route or ifdown yet.

again yast says theres a configured network card there just as it was. but another one showed up unconfigured and it wont let me delete that entry or edit that entry with yast either. plus theres something different configured for dhcp that yast shows me. Its something Like NIC configured for dhcp. any idea what that is? Also theres no option to configure my wireless network card that used to exist there. and doesn’t now?

Alright I didn’t know that updating your computer changed the vmlinuz and initrd file names that you boot into. Soooo I updated my boot directory and it booted the updated linux that works great. I’m not sure how much damage booting into the old vmlinuz after an update did but thats what I did and for some reason my network card didnt work using the older vmlinuz. Evyerthing works great now no need to reply.