Network works but not internet

Hi guys, i’m new here and also to Linux and OpenSUSE. I took a class on Linux and decided to install OpenSUSE. Before, I did a install Ubuntu but didn’t really like it.

I tried to configure my wireless network, at first it didn’t work. I am not sure what exactly did it, next time I booted the laptop into openSUSE the network could already be connected to. And it works until now. But the problem is I still can’t connect to the internet.

I tried instuctions from some forums, but it didn’t work for me. So I need help in this matter, please if anybody can help me.

Thank you

I’m gonna be that guy and suggest you search the forums before posting. Your descriptions are not specific enough and tons of network issues have previously been addressed. However, I’m also glad you’re choosing OpenSUSE because I like it too.

To get started, go to my recent post which is currently on the same page as yours. Read this discussion and follow all of the links there as though you were me posting.

-Check that the network you’re connected to does have internet access
-Are your security settings incorrect? The modern OpenSUSE provides easy-to-use GUIs for a lot of this.
-Go the app launcher (“start menu”) and find yast. Look around in the settings here and see if you’re configured for “traditional” or using the network manager.
-you very well may have ipv6 enabled. There are tons of posts here about this

Try this: add the IP address of the gateway into the configuration and the IP addresses of Name Servers (either as provided by your ISP for your use or somepublic servers like Googles servers or openDNS’s servers).

thanks sp3wn and swerdna,

my internet access does really work. other computers do have internet connection. my laptop too, when using windows vista.

I am using wireless LAN to connect to the network.

sorry swerdna for my newbieness, where can I get the gateway IP address and what is a name servers?

I really hope I can stay with Linux. So, i really need everyones help

p/s: disabling IPv6 in YaST didn’t help

thanks everyone

The gateway is the device through which your computer gets access to the outside, usually it’s your router. So the “gateway IP” is the IP address of your router. Butr it depends how you connect to the outside, if it’s a wifi router then it’s the IP of the wifi router, if it’s a wifi modem, that has a router inside of it.

The Name Servers are the computers your ISP sets up for you to go to to find the IP address of the websites you want to connect to (automatically). The Name Servers are huge databases of the IP addresses of all websites. Like is, and is You’ll find the IP addresses of the Name Servers on your ISP’s website in the tech help area. If you can’t locate them use these addresses which are the Servers provided free by the Google corporation: &