network without kde ?


I tried opensuse11.1 live CD and set up the network with yast using manual static IPs and pppoe. Once this was done and a “provider” account entered I was able to connect with kinternet widget.

I installed opensuse 11.1 and did the network set up but I opted for xfce desktop during installation so I dont have all kde toys.

I can’t find out how to connect.

ifdown and ifup eth0 dont seem to do anything in terms of the connection and pppoe-setup et al don’t seem to be present.

What is the basic command start an ADSL connection?

Thanks in advance.

try /etc/init.d/network start/stop
xfce is supposed to tell you if there is no internet connection at the splash itself.
after installation with yast knetwork manager takes over.
unless you have un installed kde completely it should still work for xfce also.
again try to make connection with yast2
later you can change the system configuration to use yast2 only to manage network.
elaborate your detail