network windows xp to dual boot computer

I am a networking know nothing. I just following tutorials, etc and when it works I leave it alone.

I have a windows xp computer networked to a dual boot (windows7, opensuse 11.4) computer. Networking from windows xp to the windows 7 is not a problem. When dual boot is running as a Windows 7 computer, it is in the windows xp workgroup and all is well.

I cannot get the windows xp to network to the dual boot when opensuse 11.4 is running. I have tried all the tutorials that I have found related to networking a windows to opensuse computer. Is there some problem in that the dual boot computer has a different computer name, host name, etc when it it booted into opensuse 11.4 vs when it it booted into the windows 7?

Has anyone seen this problem and found a solution?

If so please pass on the info.


Tom Kosvic

Suse will have a different hostname than Windows.
If you need to find the host name under Windows, run Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Sharing Center. Make a note of it.
Now boot into Suse, select Yast->Network Devices->Network Settings. You will see the Suse hostname specified. Change it to the same as Windows, and reboot.
This worked for me.


I have a bash script to setup Samba on your openSUSE PC which can work with Windows 7 or 8. You do need to set Windows to use a common Workgroup name for all PC’s and a unique PC name for each PC. Have a look at my bash script here:

S.A.C.T. - Samba Automated Configuration Tool - Version 1.06 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Do read the whole thing. There is a full terminal command shown to download and activate the script there you can use.

Thank You,