Network tale of woe


Downloaded 13.2, burned iso, and install told me it cant locate the DVD its installing from.

Used network install, put 32 bit and 64 bit onto a 512mb stick. 32 bit worked correctly on 2 other machines.

64 installed and then couldn’t connect to t’internet or anywhere.

So trying some of the help tips here I still failed. Like changing sysctl.conf.

So I put my 13.2 disk into DVD RW drive and 12.3 64 bit into DVD drive. Set them up as repositories.

Removed WICKED (and over 100 other bits and pieces, like nagios cups etc etc).

Checked my wireless driver was installed. Re-ran the network config in Yast, unchecking IPv6.

Here I am with a ‘broken install’ that works better than the original.

Sorry that this isn’t a technical post, but I am happy with the end result.

Then I will move it to General Chit-Chat, which is where this type of posting belongs.

Moved from Network/Internet. Open for posting again.