Network Suse with a Windows XP professional edition

hi folks,
i would like to ceate a small connection between my desktop (windows XP professional) and my laptop (Opensuse). Can some one tell me how to perform this operation?

PS: my native language is not english, i might be doing some mistakes :wink:

For a simple no frills file connection:

If they are both connected to the same router, and if your WinXP firewall has been setup to allow the IP-Address of your Linux PC (laptop) to connect, and if your winXP PC has file sharing enabled (with directories shared), then if using KDE on openSUSE simply open up konqueror and type in the location bar:
where “user” is your user name on windows PC and “ip-address-of-windows-pc” is the ip address of the windows pc. I have not done this for a while, so its possible you do not need to enter the user name. That will give your openSUSE PC access to the Windoze PC

If you wish quick access to the Linux PC from the Windoze PC, open up port#22 in the openSUSE pc firewall. Down load the application winscp to the Windoze PC and install winscp on the windoze PC. Then run winscp on the windoze PC to access openSUSE laptop.

You may find the openSUSE concepts of some help here:
Concepts - openSUSE - Linux_PC_networking_with_MS-Windows_PCs

You can use either a router or a crossover cable to make a wired connection between them – or if they’re both using wireless that link will do fine. Once linked you can set up a small LAN of two computers using Samba.

There’s a LAN primer for Samba here.

thanks guy for the quick reply.
Actually i do have a crossover cabl to link them up.

Samba actually do the thing.
Just make sure you have the client installed (by default, it is) and then use Nautilus (gnomish) or konqueror (kde-ish) or whatever file manager you want to browse through your network folders → samba shares.
obviously, you should setup a shared folder on your win box.

Another solution which i often use is to setup a ftp server on my suse box and then connect to it from a ftp client on another box (winOS or something else)

hope it’ll help.

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here i am again…
i have started setting domain as well as host name on both xp and suse. But according to the tuto Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network it looks like i need to define a dhcp (router adress) on both os. Since i m not using a router how do i take this step? Could my destop be used as dhcp?

The Tutorial I linked was for a SOHO LAN. For just two machines and no router yo can’t use DHCP. Instead you can install in each a Fixed IP address and connect them by the crossover cable to exchange files and so on. To get fixed IP addressing, in Yast → Network Devices → Network settings → Edit → Statically assigned IP address.

I now think that you want one computer to be the computer connected to the Internet and the other computer sharing files with the first and also connecting to the Internet through the first? That is, I think you want to set up Internet Connection Sharing ICS as well as file sharing? Is it file sharing or ICS or perhaps both?

ICS AND file sharing…
(thank you, i m trying that. Hopefully it will work)

thanks for your advices; i have peformed the static set of IP address. But back to the terminal, i lauched the command “ifconfig” to verify that but my ip is still :frowning:

Please post here the results of the following two commands in a console (enter su to get rootly powers first):

  • ifconfig
  • lspci