Network-specific proxy confgurations

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I use my laptop in different environments with different proxy configurations, and it’s a bit annoying to have to change the proxy manually, plus logging out an in to make the change apply. E.g.:

[li]Place A:[/li][LIST]
[li]wired network requires using a given http proxy.[/li][li]wireless network uses no proxy.[/li][/ul]

[li]Place B:[/li][ul]
[li]all network interfaces work without proxy.[/li][/ul]

So, my question is whether it’s possible to configure the network so that each different connection (wireless or wired) uses a different proxy.
If this is not possible, then whether at least I can configure each network interface to use a different proxy.


openSUSE 13.1 has a YaST / Network Services / Proxy module, but its function does not appear as it can be changed per network interface. If you, have not looked at this, perhaps you should look to see what you get.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. Yes, currently I’m using the proxy configuration in YaST as you mention (I configured KDE proxy, Mozilla applications… to use system variables and never needed to touch it).

The problem is that whenever I have to switch network, I have to enter YaST, change the proxy configuration, log out and log in again. Because I only have to switch between one proxy or no proxy at all, I simply need to toggle the “Enable proxy” checkbox. Still, it is a bit annoying. But if I had to use two different proxies, then it’d be very annoying.

That’s way I somehow expect the SO to transparently configure the proxy depending on the network I’m in, without needing to enter YaST to do it manually again and again. I hope this makes sense…


The proxy seems to be a single setup file in “/etc/sysconfig” called proxy. You could create more than one proxy file, copy to here and log out and into openSUSE. There may be a proxy systemd service fie and if there is, you may be able to restart the proxy service without logging out. For help with systemd, look here:

SysdCmd - systemd Command Help/Config Editor - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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Recommend using Network Manager which is really built to support this kind of stuff (moving from one network to another).
IMO there is nothing that NM can’t do better that exists in “classical ifup/ifdown” and that includes support for wired vs wireless and whether networking is configured on bootup or login.

In NM, simply create different “Network Connnections” for each network, which can be defined by network type, location, proxy settings, etc.

Then, it’s a simple click to change from one configuration to another.


I do not see how you have more than one proxy setup used by NM. Have you actually looked at NM for a proxy setup?

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|I guess you can make your life easy and just use a one click to connect application after choosing the server you want to connect through different european servers.