network slowness in 11.3

I have a IBM Thinkpad R51e running opensuse 11.3. There is general slowness and intermittent connectivity in network applications: ssh, chrome, firefox, kmail. Sometimes web pages simply won’t load, and other times hitting refresh makes them come right up.

This problem is reminiscent of IPv6 problems I’ve seen before. I’ve disabled IPv6 in yast and set ipv6.disable=1 in the grub boot loader. This hasn’t helped.

I’ve also set the network manager to use google dns ( and opendns (, but neither of these has helped either.

Suggestions anyone?

Are you using ath5k? If so, try adding “nohwcrypt” option through Yast > Network Settings.

That was brilliant. Yes, I’m using ath5k, and yes, the nohwcrypt option fixes the problem.

It seems like every software upgrade is two steps forward, one step backwards.