Network settings problem


This afternoon I wanted to see YaST -> Network Settings, but after loading that module, YaST got back message:

Network is currently handled by NetworkManager
or completely disabled. YaST is unable to configure some options.

Some "cards"are almost totaly “grey” (disabled): Overview - complitely disablec; Hostname/DNS just field to enter hostname can be changed - rest is “grey” Routing - totaly disabled

What is wrong? Did I do something wrong? The only thing I did today is connecting one more laptop in router.

Thank you for answering my questions.

You’re seeing something normal.

Basic concept…
openSUSE supports 2 ways to manage networking,

**Network Manager **- Today the default.
Configured this way, only some YaST network settings are enabled, the rest are configured in your Network Manager connection.
Remembers multiple configurations which makes this suitable for wireless connections when the system is mobile (eg a laptop).
Easy configuration for different types of connections like VPNs

**Wicked **- Is an improved version of traditional ifup/ifdown which has existed for nearly the whole time Linux as existed.
Configured this way, all YaST network settings are enabled.
Only remembers one network configuration at a time so if you move from one network to another, the previous settings are forgotten.
Very stable for stationary machines and simple.

On the screen where you saw the warning about your networking managed by Network Manager (and click OK to acknowledge the warning), the left-most tab “Global Settings” is where you can switch between Network Manager and Wicked or disable networking altogether.


Thank you, but, can I ask two additional questions:

  1. how can I edit settings on my network card?
  2. Is laptop I added to private network (connected to router) stole admin priority from my computer and denied my computer to edit Network settings? Situation is thast I use laptop to work from home; laptop is connected to office via VPN.

Maybe my questions are silly, maybe stupid, and I apologize in advance.

Thank you for answering my questuion

Depends on what kind of settings.
There are some settings that are truly low level and related to the card but are rarely modified.

More typically people deal with things like network address, default gateway router, DNS settigns… Those aren’t actually related to the card but much higher up at the network interface level. If you’re running Network Manager, those settings are configured in the individual Network Connection. Usually the default is to be a DHCP client which means that if your network and network services are working properly, there is very little you need to do.

Probably best is if you can be a bit more detailed about what kind of problem you’re experiencing and what you’re seeing, we can suggest how you can go about fixing your problem.


That depends on whether wicked or NetworkManager is in use currently. Please read the following openSUSE guide, which covers how to use either framework

The other question you asked I didn’t answer is whether you still had superuser/root control over you machine when you connected to your remote business network by VPN.

Well, yes. Maybe.
The VPN can be integrated with the business network’s security which would mean that your VPN identified you as a “normal” user on your business network and that only the netowrk Admins should have the right to manage things and that could include your own computer for anything that’s related to the network.

But, if you logon to your machine with a username/password that’s stored in your own machine that’s different than however you log on to your business netowrk, then you should have full control over your own machine.