network question.


I’ve got two computers with static IP’s connected to a switch. The switch is not connected to any other outside network. I just want these two computers to talk to each other, over this switch. When I ping computer 2 from computer1 and vice versa using their static ip’s, I’m getting network unreachable.

Why is that? What should I do to get them to communicate to each other.


2 computers running what operating systems?

Presume you are talking LAN IP’s

Hey Caf,

Yes they are LAN ip’s and I’m using suse linux OS on both. They both have the same version. I think it is version 9.?

I take it that the network ipaddress for both computers is on the same network. (ie and and not different networks like one on and the other on 192.168.0.x or some such.)

So surely if both computers are configured on the same subnet as whych suggests (192.168.1.x, where x=node address which must be different for each PC & the /24 means the subnet mask = then one of the computers may have a bad network card or a bad cable. You need to add a third computer, like a laptop in the mix to determine which computer is not working.

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Maybe you should explain just what exactly you want to achieve

Couple of things:
What are the staic IPs, exactly. You can check those by opening a console window and entering this code/command: /sbin/ifconfig
And, are there lights on the back of the network cards on the computers signaling electrical connectivity?
And, are there lights on the connection points on the switch signalling electrical connectivity?
And do the two ethernet cables going from the computers to the switch carry the stamp cat5 or cat6?