Network question

I have a home network with 2 desktops, one laptop, one headless server and three printers. All (except the printers) are running openSUSE flawlessly.


I have one application that I truly need that will run only on Windows. It’s not convenient to move it to my desktop, so I have another laptop for that application that is running Windows 7. Right now, I have it connected to the network so I can use one of the printers. But I’m really afraid to use it because when it connects to the network, it also has internet access. Yikes! Windows 7 does not belong on the internet!

Is there a way to block that particular computer from accessing the internet yet still allow access to my internal network so I can use the printers? Or, should I just block that computer from the entire network and use it as a stand alone, moving files via sneaker net?


Does the application run on WinX? You know you can upgrade to WinX? Does the application run under wine or crossover?

I haven’t heard of WinX. It sounds like a nix system that runs Windows programs. That right? Where is it available?

This laptop is an older Toshiba with limited memory, so not sure if wine would be satisfactory.

I know, I should just spring for a new Win laptop, but how I hate to spend bucks on MS software!

My first thought was just block it from going through the router to the internet. Then again, it would be OK to go from the computer to the internet, I’m just afraid of the from the internet to the computer part.

I assumed he meant Windows 10.

Yes, but you can configure it with a static IP address and no default route. That way it just sits as a host on your LAN and can be reached via other hosts, but no internet connectivity.

Sounds like exactly what I want! I’ll have to try that! Thanks!


Is your home network (LAN and/or WLAN) connected to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by means of a Router?

If yes, does the Router only allow access from the LAN/WLAN (private IP network) to your ISP?

  • Does your Router block all access from your ISP to your LAN/WLAN?

If, there’s only one-way access from your LAN/WLAN to your ISP then, Windows 7 should be OK – even without any ant-virus software being installed – Windows Defender should be sufficient.

  • Provided that, the Windows 7 box is only
    being used for the one and only application which needs Windows 7 …

Does that precludes a virtual machine?

I have a separate dual-boot to run a couple of windows-only applications, but as they don’t require directx graphics (they’re not games).
I find that I use them most in a virtualbox windows 7 virtual machine in my main openSUSE box with a shared work folder on the host, so I don’t even need to use the network for file transfers.
And backing up the whole vm is a breeze, and specially nice when windows breaks and you are in a hurry.

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