Network Problems on KDE 4.x Apps

I have installed OpenSuse 11.0 and KDE 4.1 (formerly 4.0).

On both Kde Versions I have the same Problem. Some KDE Applications (KGet,KNewStuff, Marble, KBugBuster) can’t connect to the Internet. All of them show only a “Unknown Error” Message when trying to connect.
Otheer Applications, from KDE or other Apps, have no Problem connecting to the internet.

As I get no errors, I can’t figure out what this might be.

I hope someone might be able to give me a tip where to look or even whats the Problem.

I connect using Knetworkmanager (the latest KDE3 Version).


Well, I’ll stick to one of the failing applications and do the following:

  1. Find out if the given application needs some specific setting or parameter to work. Read the accompannying documentation about how to set it up.
    Find if the troubled application can be debugged. Normally special debug parameters can be added to the applications configuration file to make them generate verbose diagnostic information in customized or system logs.

  2. Take note of the timestamp of your failed attemtps to go to the internet with such application. Then, look for the warning/error messages generated in the system logs around that time.
    /var/log/messages is normally used by applications to log such events.

  3. Use command line tools like strace and gdb to see what exactly the application is doing and find the exact point where it is failing.

Read the man pages to know about them.

  1. Finally, the application may be buggy. In such case, open a bug report to the development team.
    All the research you have done and the data you have gathered so far about the problem will be appreciated by them.

Hope this help.


Das habe ich so ziemlich alles schon versucht, bevor ich hier nachgefragt habe.
De Bugreport (an KDE) habe ich weggelassen, da es laut KDE IRC Channel eher ein SuSE als ei KDE Problem ist.

Mittlerweile (nach einem erneuten Update) funktionieren einige von den Programmen, das einzige was immer noch keine Verbindung bekommt ist KGet, jedenfalls von den von mir genutzten Programmen.

Allerdings finde ich in keinem Log irgendwelche Fehlermeldungen. Und um das Programm richtig zu debuggen habe ich einfach keine Zeit.

Ich hoffe einfach mal darauf, dass sich das auch mit einem Update in nächster Zeit gibt.

Und so habe ich mit FatRat immerhin eine intetressante alternative zu KGet gefunden die ich sonst evtl. nie ausprobiert hätte.