network problem

i just installed open suse 11.3 after using linux mint 7(based on ubuntu 9.04).
i am currently using two internet connections at home, the first is a vodafone mobile modem, which is workind excellent, and the other is a LAN network, that on windows uses a *.exe program to run. i managed to make all the IP, NETMASK, DNS settings and the internet connected, but without the .exe program it just disconnects after 10 minutes.
this is the same thing that happens with the connections on windows if i start the computer and not run the “net.exe” program, but if that program is running the internet connections works just fine. i tried using wine to run net.exe, but it just gives an error message.
i’m happy to try whatever idea you have.

Sorry I don’t understand your problem?

You just installed openSuse 11.3 where or on what?

Net.exe is only good for windows, it’s not needed by openSuse and probably not by Windows either.

Please describe your lan, which machine(s) are connected to your lan.

it’s a high speed lan. in windows the net.exe program it’s needed as a way to authentificate the user(it has a login name and password), and if you don’t use the program you can’t use the network connection. the problem i have it’s that i can’t use the internet connection because i can’t run the program that the internet provider uses to authentificate it’s users. they don’t have linux support. i’ve used linux for about 2-3 years, but i’m new to open suse, so i know that a .exe program can’t run in linux, but don’t really know if there’s a way to solve this problem, since i haven’t used this internet connection on linux mint. the computer i’m using is an ibm t40 p laptop.

If I understand your question, you installed Suse on a laptop, and you need to connect thru a switch to a modem to the internet?

There’s an application YaST2, that you should use to configure your network connections. You will need to know if your high speed lan is DSL or Cable, and what link protocol you ISP uses, PPPoE or L2TP, (mostly PPPoE). Then you should select your connection type. When completing the connection you can enter in the username and password you use to establish the connection withou using the Windows net.exe.

In other words, you need to set up a connection to your high speed lan, like the connection you have for windows but instead of using net.exe you will tell openSuse to use the username and password you would use with the net.exe program.

Without more information about your high speed lan connection, I’m at a loss to explain it better. I don’t even know which desktop (KDE or Gnome) you’re using.

Here’s a link to the Novell Support page that instructs on how to set up an internet connection using NetworkManagement.

Novell Documentation

Please read it, and call your ISP if you need information about your link protocols.

thank for ypur help. unfortunately, the Internet Provider doesn’t offer anykind off linux support. i talked with another person that used the same kind of authentification with his internet connection on windows, and when he started using ubuntu his internet provider just modified the way he connects to their server (they only verified the mac, and gave up using the .exe program).

Sorry to hear about the ISP. IMHO, you only needed them to answer whether your connection was PPPoE or something else.

If you’re using an internal modem card to connect to your ISP then yes you’re stuck with the MS only support, unless you can supply the modem commands to enable connections to Linux. IOW, if you’re using a DSL internal modem then you’d need to setup that modem’s initialization and connection strings to OpenSUSE.

A costly solution would be to buy a combo DSL/router/modem that works with your ISP then it will do all the connections, user and password verification. There’s a few DSL/router/modems out there but you could use an external DSL modem compatible to your ISP.

Otherwise, I guess Wine or WindowsXP in a virtualbox are free alternatives if those connect you to your ISP.