network problem openSuSE 11 x64 on Hyper-V with QuadCore CPU

Dear community,

I’ve recently bought a new Intel Quad Core 2 CPU, installed a Windows 2008 Enterprise server x64, applied Hyper-V role. Since only very new releases of gcc support this CPU, I decided to go with openSuSE 11. It took me two frustrating days of installation, because I knew, that you have to select the “Legacy Network Driver” in Hyper-V, but after the installation no network connection in openSuSE could be established.

Now, after a week I found out, what the problem is:
If you enable 4 CPU’s in Hyper-V, it breaks the Network connection, this also applies for Fedora 9. Only Ubuntu 8.04 64 works without problems, but Ubuntu has an old release of gcc, which does not support SSE3 and SSE4.

I want to en-/decode multmedia contents, so I need all 4 CPU’s and SSE3, SSE4 dramatically improves the performance.

I did a lot of google-ing, but did not find any documentation of such a problem with the virtual network interface. So please forgive me, if there is already a work arround, but anyway I hope to find a solution for this issue.

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I am sorry to have a disappointing answer, but as far I know running multiple vCPU for Linux host on Hyper-V is still not supported. Though you might want to digg more information from the following post:

MS Hyper-V Virtual Networks Configuration & Hyper-V Server settings.

That post seems to cover Hyper-V installation & networking in details with step by step snapshots. It might be helpful.

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