Network problem new install

I am relatively new at Linux and am having some problems with an install of openSUSE 11.2. I installed 11.2 on my Thinkpad X31 dual boot with WinXP. It seems to work very well except the network. I looked up swerdna’s instructions on setting network cards up. I used YaST to try and set the system up as described in swerdna’s instructions. Everything looks fine my network card and wireless card show up in the overview settings screen and everything sets up fine. But when I exit YaST the network doest show up no icon in the system tray and it doesn’t even try to connect. Can anyone give any help?

I did go into hardware to see if it was identifying my hardware and my network card shows up as “Thinkpad R40” and the wireless shows up as Cisco Aironet Wireless 802.11b. As far as I know this is correct.

I have tried three other distro’s and this one has gotten the closest to working so far.

Jon Steckelberg

Do I need to post more information to get some help?


post the output of the following commands (entered in a terminal window)

ip address show
ip route show
cat /etc/resolv.conf

Please open a terminal window and post the output of:

ip addr

Does wired networking work as it should?
How is networking set in Yast, Networkmanager or traditional (ifup)?

In the meantime: you may suffer from a buggy ‘knetworkmanager’. This program has had some major rewrites since the 11.2 release. Upgrading to KDE4 4.3 would bring in the newer ‘knetworkmanager’. There are plenty of posts on how to upgrade. In my experience, over a 100 11.2 installs, wireless has improved giganticly. The “art” now is in configuring it.

You could also try WICD. Can be installed through one-click install from htt://

But post the output first.

I am at work right now but when I get home I will post those outputs.
I am running GNOME not KDE.
I have tried both Networkmanager and ifup.
Network manager tries to connect but then shows no network. ifup just does nothing when it is setup.
Neither my wired or wireless works.
What is WICD?


Well color me stupid>:(.
First thank you all for the help.
I discovered my problem with the wired network.
Bad network cable!!! It worked three weeks ago but I think the cable got pinched at some point.
Anyway the wired network works fine now.
I still have a question on the wireless. When using ifup how do I switch from wired to wireless?


sudo /sbin/ifdown eth0
sudo /sbin/ifup wlan0

and vice versa, using networkmanager probably will be more convenient

Thanks for the info
I will try that tonight
Is there any way to automate that in ifup?


Using shell scripts you can automate a series of commands. There is lots of info on the web about how to do that.

Adding a NOPASSWD entry in /etc/sudoers will save you from having to enter the root password each time you run a privileged command with sudo.