Network Monitor Panel Widget Died With Last Update? Help!


Everything was great until I updated today and rebooted.
My “Network Monitor” panel widget is now not working?
It’s no longer displaying network traffic graph?
Any ideas?
Let me know, thanks!


Sorry, I am running openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE 64Bit…

Might be related to the update to Plasma 5.19 and the applet not being ready for that. No other ideas though, I don’t use it.

Yes, the KDE “Network Monitor” panel widget changed to “Network Speed” panel widget.
Tried playing with the settings, but it’s not working properly?
I deleted it from my panel and did a panel widget search for 'network".
Found something similar to what I had previously.
If anyone knows anything about this then let me know, I prefer the old “Network Monitor”.


I don’t think there is much here openSUSE can do. You could try though.

I should be ok with what I found: