network monitor desktop applet

This isn’t exaclty a network question, but I still figure people will know best in this sub-forum:
I have Suse 12.1 with lxde, and I’d like to have some kind of network monitor on my desktop, just a little icon that shows me a network graph and up-/download speed when I point at it, ideally with a larger graph when I click it. Does anyone have that? Where would I look for it in lxde?
I’d think there should something like it packaged out of the box in LXDE apps, but the applet called Network Monitor just blinks, but doesn’t show the bandwidth.
Thanks, Ben

If you’re running KDE,

I installed Knemo from the regular repos. Lives in the System Tray, just float your cursor over the icon to see current statistics.

Graphing requires collection of historical data, various other tools perform that, too. Take a look at your desktop widgets…


I wanna try to avoid kde apps as I believe it’s to heavy on my hardware. loading the kde libs takes me forevar!
Actually, a graph wouldn’t be totally necessary, I’d be almost as happy with just the live numbers for current up- and download speed.
Conky displays them, but it’s on the desktop (and also displays a lot of other stuff I don’t need), so I need to move, shrink or minimize fullscreen windows if I want to see it.
I’d like to see the numbers at the edge of the screen where they won’t be hidden by application windows - or in an auto-hide pane, where I can show them e.g. by pointing the mouse there, leaving open windows untouched.
However, please do tell me how to find those desktop widgets (and activate them), I’m sure there’ll be something useful for me there! :slight_smile:
My Interface is in german, so I may have come across them already without realizing the german term there was referring to widgets…

thanks, Ben