Network manager wont enable

Hi when i go to Yast global setting it say network manager but when go to the next tab it says network manager is controlled by Yast and is disabled or something like that i’am running tumbleweed on a hp probook6475b laptop, and iam using a wireless adapter which the driver needs to be installed which also does not work i have not had this problem with other distros. any other info i forgot to add i am sorry about but please let me know
thanks iin advance.

Report back on the status of NetworkManager and wicked

systemctl list-units | egrep -i "network|wicked"

Network hardware chipset and driver information

inxi -Na

You can copy the output to a text file and transfer to an internet-connected device via a USB memory stick or similar.

Your report is rather vague. Saying “… or something” does not help in understanding.

In any case, when you use NetworkManager, you can not configure anything network in YasT.

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