Network Manager stops functioning (sort of)

HI All

I am a new OpenSUSE user still (month two!) and have noticed a strange thing happen to Network Manager occasionally:

It will sometimes change the tray icon from the icon indicating a wireless connection to the icon with the “NM” displayed. I can then try to open it, and it shows me no information, I cannot disconnect or connect to different netowrks, and I cannot log into my VPN.

However, the wireless is still working. I tried disabling and then re-enabling NetworkManager in Yast, but no luck - that didn’t help.

Can anyone shed light on what is going on?
Running opensuse 12.3 on my HP DM4t laptop


As the network manager client is normaly run fom a desktop and as you, talking about an applet, confirm that you use a desktop, cann you please tell which desktop you use? KDE, Gnome, LXFCE, …

My apologies, I am running in KDE 4.10.2Best,Chris

When this happens, please open a terminal window, and do

sudo tail -40 /var/log/messages
dmesg | tail 

and post the output here, between CODE tags (the # in the editor)