Network Manager still loads

Although I entered my network info during the installation process, initially I couldn’t get online to do any updates. Then I went into YaST and verified my information and clicked OK. So then I was able to get online to get the updates, as well as add a couple of repositories. The Network Manager icon is still showing on the status bar with a disconnected red X, even though I am connected and typing this thread. Since my settings are in YaST, I believe I no longer need the Network Manager. Can I disable it to avoid any possible future conflicts? How would I do this?

You failed to mention your opensuse version and desktop.

I think you are running KDE. And what you are seeing is the applet to allow you to configure NetworkManager from your desktop.

Right click on the tray and select “Tray Settings”. Then uncheck the box for “Network Management”. Save the changes.

Well I found an answer, sort of, in the release notes and followed the instructions. I am now connected via Network Manager service, rather than the Wicked service. The release notes seemed to indicate this double running together of Network Manager and Wicked would occur if I were using a laptop with a wifi connection, which I am not. I am using a static IP address, which I have to enter with each new installation. However, in the near future, I hope to finally install a wireless router and purchase a laptop. Would I somehow then need to reenable “Wicked” or would I be able to use Network Manager to add a wireless connection?

Thank you for you reply, nrickert. I am using KDE 4.14.2 and opensuse 13.2. At present, I am back to NetworkManager after following the Release Notes, section 1.2. And actually, I didn’t fit the category of using a laptop with a wifi connection. However, in the near future, I wish to add a wireless router and purchase a laptop. Just wondering if I could add the wireless connection via NetworkManager, or would I need to somehow reenable Wicked?

You can do that with NetworkManager.