Network Manager Sending False Output?

I just upgraded pidgin 2.7 to 2.10 (and also libpurple and finch, of course) in 11.4. Now, everything works fine except for one thing… I have my accounts enabled, and set the available status on startup. Unfortunately I am still offline when pidgin starts. Yet if I disable/ enable manually the accounts in pidgin (again), it works. I searched on google and saw that it had to do with Network Manager (it was thought to be a bug in pidgin 2.5 or so): pidgin doesn’t see that I’m online. The hack is to start pidgin with “pidgin -f”, and it automatically connects, I don’t have to disable/enable my accounts from manage accounts. But I also want to use finch (pidgin’s text alternative), and finch doesn’t have an “f” argument. So is there a way/ a policy to set Network Manager (or pidgin, I don’t know) to match the fact that I’m online?

I don’t use pidgin, so my comments might not be useful.

It sounds as if pidgin is starting before the connection is up.

If you have not done so, try changing your NetworkManager settings for this connection to:
System Connection
Automatically connect.

That assumes KDE. For Gnome, XFCE and LXDE, the equivalent would be to set the connect to Connect Automatically, and to Share the connection with other users.

If you setup that way, then NetworkManager should attempt to connect before you have logged in.

Thanks for the reply.

It was not set to System Connection (looks like I need to have root privileges to check that box), but even so, I have the same problem. So I don’t know.

Bug posted (as task) here: #14846 (Finch not forcing connection) – Pidgin – Trac]( I don’t know if they’ll have a look at this, but it’s just to let them know.