Network manager priority

Having issues with priority on the Wifi network.
Have 3 networks: 2x 5G, 1x 2.4G, and have priorities set as:
2.4G#1 = 0
5G#1 = 5
5G#2 = 10

On boot, it ALWAYS connects to 2.4G#1, but from my thoughts, should connect to 5G#2.
They all work fine when manually connected.
What am I doing wrong?


Set NetworkManager log level to TRACE

mkdir /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d
echo "[logging]
level=TRACE" > /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/trace.conf

restart system, provide output of “journalctl -b” (upload to



It is and I am blocked access to it currently.

Not sure what happened there!
Try this: SUSE Paste

Well, NetworkManager connects to the AP with the most recent timestamp; this is expected behavior; timestamp trumps autoconnect-priority.

    Line 1641: Aug 18 16:48:20 boss NetworkManager[1621]: <trace> [1629269300.9694] settings-connection[92c7eee0456882de,e8513c77-b9a0-3c83-b54f-3da5f090fc9b]: read timestamp 1629269185 from keyfile database "/var/lib/NetworkManager/timestamps"
    Line 1676: Aug 18 16:48:20 boss NetworkManager[1621]: <trace> [1629269300.9700] settings-connection[182410acca6a0794,cc433e06-c7a5-4def-b6a9-dd33822ea349]: read timestamp 1629269176 from keyfile database "/var/lib/NetworkManager/timestamps"
    Line 1711: Aug 18 16:48:20 boss NetworkManager[1621]: <trace> [1629269300.9707] settings-connection[ff1c599c8e84aac8,186bf7c3-7a27-44a4-b525-6e93e0e646da]: read timestamp 1629081173 from keyfile database "/var/lib/NetworkManager/timestamps"

Here e8513c77-b9a0-3c83-b54f-3da5f090fc9b is ‘TheView’.

But, I always connect to TheView_FR after booting, so unless there is some sort of ‘glitch’ when it boots??

May be. You can check timestamps with

nmcli -f name,uuid,timestamp con show