Network manager notifier .. In open Suse 11.3 KDE

I mistakenly delete my default panel … How to add the network notifier ???

Tried to look for the widget but nothing ?? Please help i need to choose my network connections …

And when i look at the Network manager my wireless if black ? It means it didn’t detected my wireless ?

Sorry can you be a little clearer?

Did you get a panel back in place and you just need to add a network manager widget?

Ah sorry … I will explain it …

I get the panel back with right click adding a panel … I almost got all my widget … but i can’t find network notifier …

I read there is a way to restore default panel ? Because this panel has close menu panel in the top right … my old default panel didn’t.

When go to add a panel it should have an option to add default panel

Like this

When i right click on my Desktop , and click add panel it’s automaticly adding panel to the top of my Desktop …
I googled and have the same solutions , but i don’t know where to add it …

I just need the network menu … please :frowning: really need help … Even by widgets it’s okay

You need to remove the bottom panel you have and drag any new panel to place if necessary.
The network manager widget should be in the list when you go to add widget

Okay so i create a new profile and try to right click on my network options and … i get what i want it’s called System tray … I tried to search for network , and others … it’s System tray … :slight_smile: Thanks for the help

Really great support here… Very fast reply thanks :slight_smile:

System tray holds icons like the clipboard and network manager
So you are OK now