Network Manager not now working as it used to

Sometime recently the way Network Manager brings up the network at boot time changed on my Tumbleweed system. I have used Network Manager for years to handle my lan connection on my desktop as well as the wi-fi connection on my laptop. After a recent update, but I dont know exactly what or when, something changed and Apache stopped initialising on boot and Samba started acting strangely as well as a notification popup appearing when the KDE desktop started saying the network was connected. None of this used to happen. I was using NetworkManager-wait-online service which used to allow all the things which needed the network up to start as soon as it was available, this no longer happens. I have run a number of tests and run some plots of systemd-analyze which clearly shows the flow and the failure of say Apache not starting because the network is not available. Switching to wicked and all works but I am not happy about using that because it has no systray widget which allows me to stop or start the lan which is something I need to do periodically when doing testing. It does indeed look like there is either a significant bug or Network Manager design has been changed to not start the network until the user is logged on and running.

Is anyone here aware of any changes to Network Manager to stop it working as it used to (for years). If the design has changed I’d like to know why? Is this something which openSUSE has taken on itself to change and if so why?

It is very frustrating when a function which worked perfectly for years stops working. I really dont want to use wicked as it does not provide the ease of use of Network Manager.


Check the journal log relating to both services perhaps

sudo journalctl -b -u NetworkManager
sudo journal -b -u NetworkManager-wait-online

If the output is lengthy, you can still share it here by copying and uploading via and post the link to it here.

A quick search of recent forum threads turned up another of yours on the same topic. I don’t know why you started another…

A bug report will likely be required.

I started this one as the other actually was all about Apache, but that turned out to not be the actual issue which is about Network Manager. I did not find a way to change the thread title to truly reflect the main issue. Sorry if there is a way to do this but it’s not obvious. I will do some ore testing and probably raise a bug.


I have raised a bug for this issue #1009461.