Network Manager in KDE 4.5 rc3

I’ve upgraded to kde 4.5 rc3 and now i am have a problem with the network manager not wanting to connect to a wireless network. And also it does not display the names of the networks. Just blank spaces. Is there a way to fix this or can i down grade? I had thought i had knetworkmanager or something like that before. Now it just says networkmanager. Version 0.8-7.4

Try creating a new user account and see if the problem exists there. If it doesn’t we may need to do a new .kde4 on your normal account

Just report back what happens in the new account for now

Hi calQ Do you mean a new user account like when you log into the system when it boots up?

Sure I do
You create it via Yast
Also you need to disable auto login (It may do that automatically when you create a new account, I’m not sure)We can delete the account after easy, this is just a way of finding out if the settings in your normal account are Jeffed Up.

Okay i thought that’s what you meant but i wanted to make sure. It gets a bit confusing when you’re up way past your bed time LOL

Okay so i created a new user with the user manager thing coz i did it before you said do it from yast. Anyway i did have the same problem. But NOW when i logged back in to my main account i was able to connect. But it still does not show the text of the network name when you click on the network manager applet. Where it should show it it is just a blank space

Sounds like a bug that needs reporting at openSUSE and possibly they will ask you to go upstream to KDE too

I do have kde4.5 but it’s in 11.4
I’ll have to check it for you

In 11.4 now and I have the same issue you describe.
I’ll look at it later and check the bugs. Lunch now. :wink:

Okay i sent one to opensuse but i will do kde tomorrow…er…later hehe…

Would it be more of a kde problem though since it happened when i upgraded kde?

Would it be more of a kde problem though since it happened when i upgraded kde?
The bugs guys will soon let you know if you should send it upstream.

Just to add, I have the same behaviour with knetworkmanager (OS 11.2, using the KDE4 Factory repo, so thats currently 4.5?).
Not bug reported it because, well, its factory.

I have though just read the nice thread regarding factory & kde4.6 so I think a change to stable might be good at this point.

Kudos for use of the word Jeffed as well.

Well kde4.5 will be released next week, so there should be some improvement then - Maybe.
I’m sticking with it in this install because I’m way past crazy already, running 11.4

And I’m pretty good at Un-Jeffing stuff too.

Sticking with KDE4.5? Can I just ask then what repo you use to get it? Unless its a crazy 11.4 repo in which case I’ll pass (how is 11.4 btw?)
I understood stable would have 4.4(.4?) and Factory would very soon (nov) hold 4.6.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. I just meant I would stick with factory and once it shifts to 4.6 so do I.
I’m not sure how soon they will move 4.6 from Unstable, it could be a while because we haven’t even started on 11.4 Milestones yet.
So far 11.4 is great but I expect it to go crazy soon enough, by that I mean buggy :wink:
Yes, stable will be 4.4.4

Next week? Ahhhh…i was thinking it was coming out this week LOL … I’m getting some hard lockups today so if it’s gonna be next week i think i will just go back to 4.4 till then… So now my question is…how the heck to i downgrade?

Change the repos and do

use the system package switcher
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