Network Manager in 4.2 & Kwallet

Having persevered with K4.2, I am now looking to use the new network manager widget, rather than the old K3 desktop applet which is looking rather tired. The widget front end seems to work OK and it does look nice but one thing which annoys is its insistent requirement for kwallet. I.E. on boot instead of happily scanning for a network in my list and connecting to it, quietly but quickly, as K3 used to do it, I am now required to enter the kwallet password. This seems to break network managers easy connecting and cause it to take a few goes, with a hit and miss outcome.
Long lead into a short question. I rarely use kwallet anyway and would prefer it if it just went away. How do I remove kwallet and reset network manager to just store the WPA passwords as per K3 and just connect quietly in the background and indicate when it has, rather than pestering me all the time.:slight_smile:

I’m also interested in this question.
Cos I have my laptop at home connected by WiFi to the router, so if laptop reboots (whether I do it by remote connection or something) laptop never goes online - NetworkManager waits till KWallet will be satisfied with password input (what is only possible to be done manually). So, how can I force NetworkManager start wireless connection without KWallet initialisation?