Network Manager in 12.1 does not detect my router

After upgrading to OpenSuse 12.1 on my emachines D725 laptop, Network Manager often does not detect my wifi router.

If I go into Network Manager and scan for SSIDs, there is no sign of my router, even though my phone indicates it has a strong signal.

This seems to be specific to my router, as other wifi signals near my home are detected. The only thing I can think of that is different is that I have disabled DHCP on the router, because I use fixed addresses for all devices in my home (a desktop/server using Opensuse 11.4, said laptop using 12.1 and phone with Android 2.3.3).

This seems to be an intermittent fault - sometimes it fires up without problems. Sometime, I can restart the laptop several times with no joy. Sometime, if I leave it for a few minutes, NM eventually detects the router and connects to it. Other times, it does not connect no matter how long I leave it. It’s also worth mentioning that downgrading to 11.4 solved the problem, and it reappeared immediately when I upgraded, so it does seem specific to 12.1.

However, I have found a strange work-around. If I turn on the “portable hotspot” on my phone, that seems to trigger Network Manager to re-scan - suddenly it detects my router and automatically connects to it.

Initially, this problem was a “deal-breaker” and I reverted back to 11.4 for a few months, until I had a holiday and enough time to investigate. Now with the work-around, it’s only a minor inconvenience, but I would prefer to fix it. I also wonder if others have come across this problem. I searched the forums but couldn’t find anything similar. Perhaps I’m the only person with DHCP disabled on my router.

Please try to enter BSSID of your router in your NM profile configuration.

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