Network Manager ignoring network/config

Recently switched to Network Manager, and noticed that it is not honoring settings in network/config; For example:



Call “netconfig update -f” to force adjusting of /etc/resolv.conf.


There is no ‘search’ setting in the Network Manager UI, …

Running netconfig update -f changes nothing.

Is there a reason Network Manager is ignoring config settings in network/config?

Because this file is completely unrelated to NetworkManager and NM was never aware of it.

NetworkManager (by default on openSUSE) calls netconfig to perform updates. It is netconfig which interprets /etc/sysconfig/network/config. How netconfig merges DNS information from various sources is defined by NETCONFIG_DNS_POLICY. Default policy will only use information from NetworkManager, you need something like


to tell it to always use statically defined variables. See 'man netconfig".

There is no ‘search’ setting in the Network Manager UI

Which UI? There is no “native” NetworkManger UI, there are various programs (in GNOME, KDE etc) that talk to NetworkManager. Connection property ipv4.dns-search defines static search list, you can set it using nmcli, nmtui. If you describe in more details what GUI you are using, someone may help to find the right option.