network manager and samba problem in opensuse 12.2 64 bit

I am having a problem in opensuse 12.2 64 bit, when I use the networkmanager I have to restart the smb and nmb services in order to see the network shares, but if I use traditional ifup there is no problem, the services are both running at run level 3 and 5, but I have to restart both to be able to see the shares.

smb and nmb are under the control of systemd. While I have not see any problem associated with Network Manager, I have found nmb down ever so often and was never sure why that might be. Our next openSUSE 12.3 is out and perhaps it is time to upgrade? I do have a bash script to use with Samba and the smb and nmb services. Have a look at the bash script here:

S.A.C.T. - Samba Automated Configuration Tool - Version 1.02 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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I did a fresh 12.3 64 bit install, but now the services nmb and smb don’t start at all

You have got to download my latest bash script S.A.C.T. where you can enable and start the nmb & smb services using menu options, edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file and even allow all of the required steps to make Samba work including a working smb.conf config file to be made for you. My script does it all and if manual is not working for you, then automatic sounds better, right?

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