Network Manager and DHCP not updating resolve.conf

Hey all,

Silly question but occasionally DHCP via network manager is not re-writing resolve.conf. The 'Connection Information" link on network manager shows the correct DNS servers, but when I looked at resolve.conf it still had the old DNS servres from the last network i was connected to.

Once I updated them manually all was well. I have seen this before and I was curious why it would not be over-writing them on each new DHCP request.

I recently had this problem. It went away after I deleted /etc/resolv.conf altogether.

Assuming that you mean resolv.conf, not resolve.conf, DHCP will not overwrite
your copy if you have made local changes. If that is the case, there will be
notification in /var/log/messages.

That is the funny thing I never touched it manually until I had to in order to get online. It always seemed to update on it’s own until today. Not sure what caused it to think it was touched manually.

I too faced with this issue in the past. Not any more now! Because, I stopped using knetworkmanager!!

I am happy with Profile Management to switch between different settings (Not a perfect solution but no issues).